President's Message James Tvrdik


Message from the Hyannis Rotary President


I am proud to be a member and President of the Rotary Club of Hyannis.

Since my joining in 2011, it has been a privilege and enjoyable experience getting to know my fellow group of professional community members with it’s diversities, a melting pot of our older wisdom and youth ideals, its effectiveness of this next generation of change-makers together giving back to the community.

Our Rotary Club of over 90 years old, and just under 80 members strong, are dedicated to serve in numerous  ways. Our organization is guided with committees, such as Community Development, Human Development, Scholarships, Membership,and the Good Works Board, just to name a few, fulfilling the needs of our community.

We don't just limit ourselves to a local area, however, we are also involved in international projects. One project moving forward currently is providing water to the impoverished nation of Ghana. These types of projects give us the opportunity to partner with other Rotary Clubs.

Our major fundraising is our Rotary Home Garden & Lifestyle Show. This will be our 60th year generating $100,000 net to achieve our goals. This fundraising events involves all of our Rotarians and the support of local businesses which in the past have become members or our Rotary Club.

Each year when we launch this event is an exciting time for all, this is where the diversity of our organization comes into play.


 So, what motivates you?


Service clubs are lifelong resolutions. Life's meanings comes from a cause greater than oneself. Rotary has helped me to achieve meaning in my life.  Rotary is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community and feel better about oneself.


With gratitude,

President James Tvrdik


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